Through a corproate partnership with us, your business can have a unique relationship with our unique organisation.

The London Welsh Centre offers a unique platform for relationship building with your key stakeholders.

With the opportunity to support our cultural and educational work or one of our special events, we would be delighted to work in partnership with you to create a unique package delivering excellent return on investment.

A partnership with The London Welsh Centre can deliver:

  • Brand alignment – enjoy an association with the only charity in London working with the London Welsh Community
  • Client engagement – from private functions to invitations for exclusive events throughout the year
  • Staff involvement – direct involvement with your project to bring the partnership to life in a meaningful way
  • CSR – complement your existing community investment activity with a targeted project
  • PR – work with us to tailor a strategy to highlight the impact of the partnership

Please contact Ceri Griffith on 020 7837 3722 to explore how a partnership with The London Welsh Centre could work for your business.