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The Siân Busby Collection is a dedication to the late Siân Busby; friend, volunteer and Trustee of the London Welsh Centre. It features:

  • an exhibition charting the history of the Welsh Community in London, which is proudly displayed in the lounge of the London Welsh Centre
  • a specialist reference library curated by Siân (see below)
  • the ‘Casgliad’ Project inspired by Siân and a contribution to the People’s Collection Wales 

The Siân Busby Collection was launched at a special event on June 18th 2013, where a dedication in Welsh Slate was unveiled. Read a wonderful account (remember to click the link on next page too) of what the Centre and being part of the London Welsh community meant to Siân, by her husband Robert.

The Library

The London Welsh Centre has a Library of Welsh Language, Culture and History. This is a specialist collection comprising more than 800 volumes of Welsh interest, language, culture and history.

The catalogue can be browsed by clicking on the links below. They are divided into the following subjects:

200 – Religion
300 – Social Sciences
400 – Language

700 – Arts
800 – Literature
900 – History, Geography and Biography

Although our collection is not a lending library (books cannot be removed from the Centre) there is a study area reserved for users to access the books.

To access our volumes, please contact administrator@londonwelsh.org for an appointment. Please supply details of the volume(s) you are interested in as they are listed in the catalogue. We will endeavour to deal with queries and offer assistance in locating relevant volumes in the collection, but the service is run by volunteers so it may not always be possible to satisfy all requests for information – please bear with us.

Access to our library is free of charge, but we have a collection box in the library and any donations will be put towards improving our library’s facilities and growing the collection.

Please bring a pencil to take your notes rather than a pen, as we find that old books and ink don’t mix well!