The One Day consists of a full day of Welsh language lessons, in a friendly atmosphere with experienced tutors.  The day caters for all levels, from beginners to fluent speakers looking for an opportunity to practise their conversation skills and widen their creative skills.
Mae’r Cwrs Undydd yn cynnwys diwrnod cyfan o wersi Cymraeg mewn awyrgylch cyfeillgar dan arweiniad tiwtor profiadol. Darperir gwersi ar gyfer ystod o ddysgwyr, o’r sawl sy’n dechrau dysgu i siaradwyr mwy profiadol.


 £60 (booking fee included)

Couples Discount £100

Lunch included + drink at the bar at the end of the day
(If you have special dietary requirements please let us know before the day by phoning 020 7520 0074 or emailing
£60 + ffï archebu yn gynnwysedig
Darperir cinio + diod yn y bar ar ddiwedd y dydd
(Os oes gennych anghenion bwyd arbennig, rhowch wybod i ni o flaen llaw drwy ffonio 020 7520 0074 neu anfon ebost at



 To book your place, click on your chosen level below:
(Places are sold through TicketSource. When you buy your ticket, please indicate if you have any dietary requirements.)
I gadw lle, cliciwch ar eich lefel:
(Gwerthir tocynnau drwy TicketSource. Wrth brynu eich tocynnau, nodwch os oes gennych chi anghenion bwyd arbennig.

Beginners / Dechreuwyr

Intermediate / Canolradd

 Intermediate 1 – Canolradd 1 (Easy)

 Intermediate 2 – Canolradd 2 (Harder)

Advanced / Uwch


 If you’re unsure which level suits you best, we recommend that you take this short test:


Tutor / Tiwtor: TBC (9.30am – 4.00pm)

Are you a complete beginner and would like a little taste of Welsh or would you like a head start before joining an Entry Course? If so, why not try this course?  This introduction covers basic greetings, pronunciation, simple sentences, counting and asking for and giving simple information.  If in your first year of evening classes, this is also a good choice if you want to consolidate everything you’ve learnt.


Tutor / Tiwtor: TBC (9.30am – 4.00pm)

People in this level will typically be in their second or third year of evening classes. Many will have completed Cwrs Mynediad and will be currently studying Cwrs Canolradd. The aim of this level is to extend the speaking skills of the learner. You should be able to talk about and ask about everyday situations, holidays, the weather etc.


Tutor / Tiwtor: TBC (9.30am – 4.00pm)

This level is for learners who are more confident in Welsh.  Many will have completed Cwrs Canolradd and be in their fourth year of learning Welsh or be native speakers returning to speaking Welsh. You should be able to understand a good proportion of Welsh spoken at a normal speed and express yourself on a wide variety of topics.


ENQUIRIES / 0207 837 3722