Elis James

Posted on
14th September 2017 
London Welsh Centre 
*Tickets not yet on sale – coming soon! 
Following the success of “Rhacs Jibiders”, Elis James will be touring his brand new Welsh language stand-up show in 2017.
After an overwhelmingly positive response to his debut show in 2015, Elis will be showcasing his stand-up, which propelled him to the forefront of the comedy scene and helped to put Welsh language comedy on the map. This is a unique opportunity to see one of Britain’s best comedians in front of a live audience.
Yn dilyn llwyddiant “Rhacs Jibiders”, bydd Elis James yn mynd a sioe stand-yp Gymraeg newydd ar daith ym 2017.
Ar ôl ymateb eithriadol i’w sioe gyntaf ym 2015, bydd Elis yn perfformio’r math o ddeunydd sydd wedi ei dywys i frig y diwydiant comedi. Dyma gyfle i weld un o brif ddigrifwyr Prydain o flaen cynulleidfa fyw, a hynny yn Gymraeg.