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‘Clebran’ is another of those wonderful Welsh words. It means to natter, to have a chat.

Are we suggesting women like to get together?
Are we suggesting women like to have a good gossip over a glass of wine?
Are we suggesting Welsh women in London should have their own place to do these things?

Too right we are!

Whatever your age, background or connection to Wales, we invite you to join ‘Clebran’, an informal social gathering at the London Welsh Centre bar and other locations in London.

We are not a wine bar, we are a bar that sells good wine in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. We’re a home from home where you can meet and socialise with like-minded women.

Great things happen when women get together. Even greater things happen when they get chatting.

Upcoming events:

Thursday April 24th: Join us for a pre-dinner drink at the London Welsh Centre before a lovely meal at Caravan in Exmouth Market. For more details and to confirm your place please email:

Let us know what you think. Are you interested in joining ‘Clebran’?



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