Join designer Sarah Stollery as she shows us the art of making LOVE spoons.

A Lovespoon is an intricately carved wooden spoon gifted as of romantic peacocking display of intent.

Let Sarah guide you through the the process of making a love spoon that will be irresistible for your partner or a perfect weapon in your seducing arsenal.

Ymunwch â’r dylunydd Sarah Stollery wrth iddi ddangos i ni’r grefft o wneud llwy GARU.

Llwy bren wedi’i cherfio’n gywrain yw llwy garu, fel arddangosiad puan rhamantus.

Gadewch i Sarah eich tywys trwy’r broses o wneud llwy garu i’ch partner neu’n arf perffaith i’ch tinder profile.

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